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  For many years, on the UpwardCall.net  website we have been supportive of house churches  and have at times pointed others to a house church in the  New Windsor,  Maryland  area.    After an incredibly sad experience I must bring some things to light that have happened for the scripture tells us to "speak the truth in love "and "expose" the things done in the dark. It's also my hope that those who have  known the leader (Harry), might be able to affect some change through this.

 I'm very hesitant, yet the extraordinary events warrant it.  Some of it may sound hard to believe were it not documented and attested to by other witnesses.    This comes after much prayer and spending 2 years appealing  to the leader, including a Matthew 18:16 meeting with two other witnesses to which Harry agreed to.  Others have made appeals to no avail, and therefore  I can no longer refer brethren to this congregation and must bring the following  warning .

 I also related  these things  to  him privately, then publicly.    There has been a Mt.18 situation with him which is over and at this  point I believe it's my responsibility  to " tell it to the church ".  Harry has broken off all dialog with me, as well as with others who were attempting to speak to him about this matter.
 A Brief Summary
Simply put,  In January of 2010, Harry made serious  pronouncements /applied verses of public condemnation  against  new members  in the  New Windsor congregation,when they were not present.    He also said/wrote  of them things like, they had "dark motives ", "demonic looks on their faces , they "had Demonic grievances ",  "had a NiKolaitan spirit " were "false brothers ,”etc.
After making careful inquiry, the evidence shows  Harry hadn't specifically  talked to them about  these charges.   Those  families had  communicated no  charges towards Harry or to the church and they  "left quietly ".   They had no idea of all that was being said of them.  Some others  in the group went along with the charges and voiced  (an unbiblical posture) of " I, believe Harry, I  don't need to test it … "
 Harry also presided over the handing out of a Sunday church bulletin ( unbeknownst  to  those new member families )with  the charges.
 Some others brought charges and  "damning reports ".    Yet when I questioned them, they admitted ,they hadn't actually  talked to those families either about these things, but they had made reports  to Harry. Thus by their own words, those bringing accusations,  inadvertently testified against themselves that they where violating scripture.
Though I barely knew the new members,  I then respectfully objected to the process ( condemning brethren without a hearing (Jn.7:51), not speaking privately first as Jesus commanded(Mt18.15 ), not having 2 or 3 witness(Mt18:16) , etc.     I cited  many other scriptures  in composing my  questions to Harry in an open letter to the congregation on 2/25/10.    I made no charges, only biblical testing with  questions and deep concern, as the document shows.
In response, Harry immediately sent out a letter (2/26/10 ) to the whole congregation  about me, not intending for me to see it ,( as he admitted later ) and not responding at all to my biblical questions. In his email, he  laid out  5  very serious charge , things never said or brought to me privately.     He essentially repeated  the  initial scenario/accusations he had done  with those others, but now  brought accusations against me .  
I was shocked that a brother I  had a friendship with for 10 years  would send this out about me.
Yet,  I pondered that God in his amazing sovereignty allowed me to see this email .  Through it all, God in his amazing grace has taught  me to rejoice when slandered.

By the way I would welcome anyone in the body of Christ to read that letter I sent,( and all my letters to the group, as well as the letters of others ) and judge for yourself as to what it contains.
 After Harry didn't respond to  my private appeal for  to him to acknowledge his wrongdoing, I initiated a  Mt. 18 meeting , the results of which and the correspondence shows  Harry wouldn't/hasn't  changed in his stance.  For the record, I asked Harry at the Mt. 18 meeting to show me "where in my letter were all the things he charged", he couldn't point to one  specific  thing.

One person, who had been with the  group for many years  was at the MT. 18 meeting.  He has been a witness that Harry hasn't repented  He sent a  message to the congregation, after appealing privately to Harry over many months.     A quote  contained in that plea:    " With utmost love and sobriety I need to say that I believe Harry is in sin for disobeying the command of Jesus Christ …"
  A second  brother who has known  Harry  for a few years and been  at various meetings tried to fully investigate after the Mt 18 meeting.  Some of  his similar  findings he presented to the group:    "Harry was willing to go so far ... even to the point of causing the breaking off of fellowship with ",…( included the names of myself and others ).  For the record at least 12  people have been alienated from that  congregation in the  last  4 years.
This was all so unnecessary.    Jesus gave us clear instructions how a church should operate, that if we think a fellow member is doing wrong, we are to go to them and settle matters  privately.  We are  not to  talk amongst ourselves,assuming motives etc, speaking evil of  brethren  and then go and make reports to  the leader.  Its been over  3 years and neither  Harry , nor anyone else in the group has answered  this fundamental question,   "Which of you would want to be treated this way?"   These are the kind of practices that create divisions and strife that can go on for years.  Scripture warns us that it is  an unbridled tongue that sets off firestorms (James 3:6)
There is so much more I could say.   I would also welcome any leader in the local church area to fully investigate these matters.  Please  pray for Harry and all those involved.  By the way, I care about  Harry  and want God's best for him.  

I believe God the Father, in his love and mercy is giving Harry  another opportunity to repent (as he does us all ) before the  great Day of accountability before his Throne.

For the kingdom,
Greg Windsor