Free Christian  Music Links --- (for personal use /not for profit)   Please  support those who labor  and follow the Scripture  "Freely  you have recieved , give without cost  "                

 Here's some sites containing just music (no singing) called MIDI files to many popular and older Christian songs:     Much love in Christ Jesus,  Adam

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (a large collection of songs... scroll down the page for more categories) (many songs with lyrics - once at this site, click on "index" to get to the index of midi songs - you can even choose to play the songs with an organ, piano, or bells) (Most songs at this site are very old songs that I have never heard of). This site has many pop up ads, I guess to help pay for all the copyrighted MIDIs they have freely available on their site. This is the only site that I know of that appears to me to have "legal" contemporary, copyrighted MIDIs, because they have a link to CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing Inc.) on their site, What do I mean by "legal" MIDIs? Go here to find out: (according to this site, Integrity Music wanted 8 cents every time a MIDI based upon one of their copyrighted songs was downloaded).
The following are links to some Christian music, some of which are totally free to download and distribute!
Specific Artists:

Calebs Walk,


Don and Faith,

Eugene Kim,

Family Worship,

Hearts to God Praise and Worship,

J School,

Jabez, (Intrumental Piano)

Larry Holder,

Robert Evans,

Shiela Hamil,

Tammy Swindell,


Vic Zarley,

Voices in the Wilderness,

Sites with Various Artists:

Independent Christian MP3s,

KJV Scripture Songs,


Scripture Muic Links Web Site, (I liked Sons of Korah)

Scripture Songs, (Most of the song lyrics appear to be Scripture verbatim!)


Songs of Praise,

The Oldiesmann's Christian Music Favorites,

The Original Christian MP3 Webring,

The Sledgehammer,


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